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How to quick boot BF512 from SRAM after wake up

Question asked by zf_zhai on May 21, 2018
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by zf_zhai

1  I  have succeed in entering the hibernate mode (with the bFrom_SysControl function) and exiting it (with the RTC), then I want to quick boot BF512.

2  The init_code locate 0xffa04000, the appliction code locate 0xffa00000.

3  The init_code is DMAed  to location 0x20000000 in SRAM from L1.

4  The application code  is DMAed  to location 0x20004000 in SRAM from L1.

Now , I can not to run init_code and  application code from SRAM after wake up.


Can anyone tell me detailed process of quick boot.