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Question about Muxing/Demuxing application of ADG 726, Exclusive of switching function

Question asked by haebi on May 20, 2018
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 Dear Mento,



First, I want to know whether ADG 726 can multiplex 12 Input signals or not, exclusive of switching function of ADG 726.


Concretely, I am going to input 12 signals with different message to each other, while operating at the same 790 MHz to each other as Central frequency.

And then I am trying to make the 12 signals multiplexed, exclusive of switching function and finally transmitts simultaneously the multiplexed 12 signals through [ DA ] Pin of ADG 726.

This transmitted 12 signals are planned to be released into the air by using a separate antenna.


Can  ADG 726 satisfy above my application ?

If Yes, Could you design details showing connection relation between the pins ( e.g. EN, CSA, WR, A0, A1, A2, A3 etc, ) of ADG 726 and outside element and line assignment of ADG 726, please ?


Second, In reverse order of above multiplexing process of ADG 726 with exclusive of switching function,

the 12 signals received through another separate antenna are planned to be sent to [ DB ] Pin of ADG 726. 


At the final stage as Demultiplexer, I hope that the 12 signals entered in [ DB ] Pin of ADG 726 shall be simultaneously splitted into each only one intrinsic signal and then for instance, the signal of  [S1A] Pin be simultaneously assigned reached on [S1B] Pin, the signal of [S2A] Pin assigned on [S2B] Pin, .... the signal of [S12A] Pin assigned on [S12B] Pin.


Similiarly with First question, I beg you expert's mento about design for Demultiplexing application.


Third, Does the value '1' shown on CSA Pin and CSB Pin of the Truth Table of ADG 726 mean by high voltage ?

If so, How much is the high voltage of '1' ?




With Best Regards,