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FMCADC2 with MicroBlaze

Question asked by rlaghlfh on May 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2018 by rlaghlfh

Hi, I'm using an FMCADC2-EBZ (AD9625) board with VC707. (Vivado 2017.4)

I followed 'Microblaze quick start guide' and succeeded in connecting the linux and IIO Oscilloscope through Ethernet.

Now I have a few questions.


1. when I type 'connect mb mdm', there's a warning (q1.jpg).

It says that the version of  MicroBlaze is unsupported. Is it okay? or Do I need to fix it?


2. Every time I turn on the board, I need to download the bit file and 'simpleImage.vc707_fmcadc2' file.

If not, I can not access the linux with Tera Term through UART. Is it mandatory? 

I mean, after debugging, what do I need to do if I want to use it without the above process?


3. VC707 document says that Ethernet of VC707 supports 1 Gbps speed. The software provided also supports 1 Gbps speed? I was not able to find documents.

attached pictures(q2,q3.jpg) say that the sampling rate is 2.5 Gbps. How could it be possible? 


4. I want to make my own software based on the provided software and provided hdl.

the provided software contains 'system_top.bit'. but the size of it is different from the one made by provided hdl.

I don't understand why the size of both files is different.

When I download both files to the system(XMD% fpga -f system_top.bit), both are working fine.

I mean, I was able to access the linux and IIO Oscilloscope for both cases. 


I thought, after building the hdl, I could change the software using Vivado and use my own 'bit file' instead of provided bit file. Is it possible to make my own software based on the provided software?


5. Also, there's a 'simpleImage.vc707_fmcadc2' file. Is it possible to edit this file with Xilinx SDK?

If I want to add some features to MicroBlaze, is it possible to utilize this file? or do I need to make new file?



Sorry for many questions and my bad English. Thanks in advance .