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Peaking filter and Notch filter coefficient formula

Question asked by Alvis on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by Alvis

Hello guys,

I have some problem on calculate the Peaking and Notch filter.

In SigmaStudio wiki ( SigmaStudio Wiki ), I can not get both filter formula information,

and I reference the Robert Bristow-Johnson Audio Cook Book website (This :


I found that the cook book contain the peaking filter formula, but I am not sure the value "alpha" what the calculation formula is. And I follow the cook book to generate the formula in my excel, I found the final value which I got is different with the SigmaStudio capture window value. So I want to ask, does there have the formula for the Peaking Filter and the Notch filter? because I have some function need to use IIR filter to implement.


Please help me, thanks!


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