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connecting to AD9371+ZYNQ using TES software

Question asked by swaxman on May 17, 2018
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I am trying to connect to the Zynq+AD9371 platform using TES. 

The TES SD card I got was outdated and as such I re-burnt the SD card I got from you (the one with the label "July 2016 Rev 1.0 for use with windows-based TES") using the win32diskimager app with image.  The files showing are: BOOT.bin, devicetree.dtb, DG1_DS_DIR_HDR, DG1_DS_VOL_HDR, uEnv.txt, uImage.

Once sticking the SD card into the Zynq board the Zynq LED is moving back and forth for about 20sec and then goes off probably indicating its booting.


On the PC side I configured the Ethernet TCP/IPv4 to IP address, subnet mask , made sure cable connected, ran the TES app and pressed "connect" with TCP IP address set to port 55555.

I got the following windows error window and once pressing OK also "please update SD card" despite the card already being up to date.



I have no idea how to continue.

please help.