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Does the PLL HMC830 works with clipped sinewave / CMOS reference signal from TCXO ?

Question asked by Kanchana.R on May 17, 2018
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I'm planning to output of TCXO as reference signal for HMC830 PLL. 


Please clarify the following to use the same.

1. TCXO part that I selected provides clipped sinewave output with 0.8V Vpp.  Does this reference level is adequate for PLL?

2. Do I need to use any matching circuit between TCXO output and PLL XREFP pin (or)

connect with following components in series using short 50Ohms traces. AC coupling capacitor, 100 Ω resistor to ground followed by an AC coupling capacitor as recommended in datasheet for 50Ohm match.

3. If clipped sinewave output TCXO can not be used as reference, can I use CMOS compatible TCXO as reference ? if so please suggest on matching and attenuator circuit, if required to be used.