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LTC4015 doesn't start charging

Question asked by Yoram on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2018 by Zack

In our PCB design, in many cases the LTC4015 doesn't start charging (sometimes it does).

The battery is 4 cells LiFePO4, same problem with "LiFePO4 Programmable" and "LiFePO4 Fixed Standard Charge".

A 10K NTC is connected, with a 10K bias resistor (register 0x40 reads 0x5547).

When it doesn't start charging:

bit bat_missing_fault=1 (register 0x34 = 0x0002). The battery is connected, I measure 13.3V on BATSENS pin.

when removing input power, register 0x34 = 0x0100 (suspend).

when re-applying input power, register 0x34 = 0x0002 (battery missing).