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ADF4159 up ramp steps

Question asked by QWERTZthe1. on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 29, 2018 by QWERTZthe1.

Dear Community,

I’ve noticed a problem with the Reg6 value “up ramp steps” of the ADF4159 device. What I’ve found is that 81919 steps are still fine but if I chose 81920 steps the ramp isn’t started any more (however the ADF4159 remains locked). I’ve changed the Reg5 value “DEV word” however no matter into which direction I change this value the ADF4159 refuses to work with 81920 steps or higher. The datasheet states on page 27:


Number of Steps
A 20-bit step value (Bits DB[22:3] in Register R6) defines the
number of frequency hops that take place. The INT value cannot
be incremented by more than 2^8 = 256 from its starting value.


Unfortunatelly the author of this section has' nt included more meaningfull sentencs - so I cannot understand the meaning - however I feel this has something to do with my issue. Therefore I would be glad if someone could give a hint which value I might change to further increase  the number of steps.