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ADV7393 mode2, master problem

Question asked by CUI1024 on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 20, 2018 by CUI1024

I'm using ADV7393 in my custom board. I have trying to test a simple master mode by following steps.

1、 I2C configuration as below
I have read the register value to verify whether I2C write operation is successful or not. It is correct.

reg addr, value
0x17, 0x02
0x00, 0x1C
0x01, 0x00
0x80, 0x11
0x82, 0xD3
0x88, 0x00 // 8bit YCbCr input
0x8A, 0x0D // mode 2, master

0x8C, 0x0C // Subcarrier frequency
0x8D, 0x8C // register values
0x8E, 0x79
0x8F, 0x26
Pin P8~P15 input is a fixed value 0x88

2、 Signals frequency check by scope as below
CLK input : 29.7Mhz
HSYNC output : 15.7KHz
VSYNC output : 50.3Hz
3、 Attachement show a short preview of the output video


Is there something wrong ? What should I do to test a simple master mode ?
Thank you!