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SigmaStudio Eeprom Write

Question asked by rongnan on Dec 17, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2012 by rongnan

Dear Brett,


I have one trouble in using ADAU1701:


I build one project which the program size is large(953 words, ADAU1701 maxmium is 1024 words),

the project compiled and download to DSP succesfully. After that, I want to burn the

data to the eeprom, the "Write Latest Compilation to EEPROM" action has done, the I

click the "Check Last Compilatin vs EEPROM", normally, it should be have one pop  window

appear(just like "READ/WRITE SUCCESFULLY"). but I can not find any pop window and any



Note: I using the other project file which the program size is small then have no problem.



Your kindly support is great thankful!

Best Regards