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AD8362 Input Power Range and saturation

Question asked by sss on May 16, 2018

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The customer target frequency is 140MHz and 1.5GHz w/single end input.


In the Figure 26. Logarithmic Slope vs. Frequency,Temperatures: −40°C, +25°C, and +85°C,

increasing the input frequency 900MHz to 1900MHz, the slope too is increasing,
and increasing the input frequency 1900MHz to 2700MHz, the slope is decreasing


Are there similar trends when comparing single end input and differential input?

And does it means,
Does the trends of saturation input level and detect output voltage change with 1900MHz as the change point?

Does the saturated input power level @ 900MHz and 1900MHz differ?
In that case, detector output voltage is saturation or other, and 900MHz and 1900MHz differ?



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