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RF Performance of Rx for AD9371

Question asked by Yu2 on May 16, 2018
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I bought the ADRV9371-N evaluation board and wish to verify its RF performance

After testing with TES, Tx's SFDR can exceed 70dB, but Rx's ENOB is less than 7bit.

I understand that the R937 of the AD9371 is 16bit, so I would like to know:

1. I ignored part of Rx configuration in TES?

2. I do not use the Filter Wizard. Is Rx's RF performance related to it?

3. I didn't find a reference value for the Rx ENOB or SNR indicator in the user guide. Can you provide me with a reference value?

4. Can you provide me with a detailed description of the ADRV9371 test using TES?

Thank you!