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CCES: No output in debug console with printf due to missing symbol?

Question asked by matthiaswe on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by jiez

Hi there,


we've been using several calls to the printf() function in order to debug our projects.

Of course, this is slow, but it used to work.

However, at the moment we do not get any console output in CCES although the function is being executed. The problem is similar to this thread, however we're using CCES as IDE.


I've tried to find the cause of the issue. For an old project I found the symbol in the linker output file (*.map.xml). In a newer project I could not find the symbol. How can I get back my symbol? Is there a library missing? How do you handle those hidden automatic breakpoints? Are there any settings in the dialog windows?


Edit: It looks as if the symbol comes from the input file libio.dlb if this is a further hint.


Edit: This is what my linker settings look like:

"libio.dlb" is also listed in the "linked library list" of the app.ldf.


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