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ADALM1000 – need assistance with PC-connection

Question asked by Zuinc on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by Alexandra

I have tried to install Pixelpulse2 (v1.0.2) with bundled drivers, but there was an error with the WinUSB driver. Then I have installed the WinUSB drivers, using Zadig, as previously done here by other people (I am using Windows 7 machine, 64 Bit). Device manager showed, that the driver is properly installed: “ADALM1000 WinUSB driver”.
After restarting the computer I am trying to connect ADALM1000 to it. When I connect the ADALM1000 the LED turns on. The USB-cable is ok. Then I am trying to run Pixelpulse2 (v1.0.2) but it does not see the ADALM1000 (empty window). ALICE says, that there are no devices connected.
What could be the problem?