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No SPI DOUT data on AD7656-1 with serial interface.

Question asked by benjaminweng on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by jcolao

Hi all,

I have a serial interface problem when using ad7656-1 on eval-ad7656-1sdz.

I adjusted the resistors on the ev board to make ad7656-1 be in serial mode, and sending spi_clock/cs signal after the convct_a/b/c pins being toggled.

The problem is that there's no spi slave data on DOUT_A/B/C pins, even though the busy signal is toggled.

And the ad7656-1 ev board works fine in the parallel mode, so I think the board is not broken.

My settings are just like the ones in AN893. I tied DCIN A/B/C and DCEN/DB11/DB12/DB13/RD/WB to the ground, and using internal reference.


I logged the waveform picture below, would someone please can help to solve the problem?