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How correlate the linux kernel version against ADI github branch release

Question asked by beamer.ce1 on May 15, 2018
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Is there a way to know which version of the linux kernel is supported with each branch release of the analogdevicesinc/linux github releases?  For example, which version of the kernel is supported for the 2017_R1 release? 


I have installed the 2017_R1 release of the pre-built linux images to an SD card and determined that the kernel version 4.9 is provided when running on the zynq-adrv9361-bob platform.  But where is this documented?  I want to be able to determine what version of the kernel is supported before downloading and installing the entire release from github.  I currently would like to know what release would support kernel version 4.1. 


Any feedback would be appreciated.


- Brad