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ADXL372 instant on threshold; is there a specification?

Question asked by rg1200gs on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by jwang

I see from page 19 of the data sheet that the "instant on" threshold is described as follows:

"The user can configure the device to detect an impact between a threshold level of either 10 g to 15 g or 30 g to 40 g"


In my experience with the part, the first sample to come from the fifo after "instant on" wakeup using the low threshold level tends to be more like 3Gs than 10Gs (which is a good thing IMHO).


My question is has the "instant on" threshold been characterized into a histogram over a batch of parts like sensitivity and offset?


I have customers who are concerned that impacts of interest will be missed if I tell them I can't guarantee seeing an impact that is less than "maybe 15G's" as the data sheet seems to say at the moment.


The larger question really, is can the device be used to measure and characterize occasional vibration or is it limited to impacts (vibration accelerations of interest tend to be smaller). It would be a shame to have to add a second sensor if this one already does the job but just doesn't say so in the data sheet.




- Rod