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Relocating interrupt vector tables in ADUC8XX

Question asked by sculptor87 on Dec 16, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2011 by MMA

Hi Everyone,


Is this possible to relocate interrupt vector tables in ADUC8XX(exactly ADUC845 and ADUC848)?

I have  just done configuration of that (in Keil IDE, using information from link :, but ADUC8XX still looks for interrupt  vectors in address with offset 0x0000 (I know that, because if I manually upgrade HEX file(by adding jumps to interrupt functions in the default place) which I download to uC then program works correctly).


Why I'm asking? I'm writing: 'user-code' bootloader and want to support erase all first 56-KBytes of Flash/EE program memory command. After erasing when vectors were placed in erased memory, program can't work properly.


Please answer If You can.


Kind Regards,

Pypno Tomasz