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Question about AD7176-2 THD performance 

Question asked by homeway on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2018 by JellenieR



I short  EVB AD7176-2 input pin with GND to get ENOB=19.8bit, according to MT-003, SINAD = 6.02*ENOB+1.76dB = 120dB.

And CN0310 shows AD7176-2 can measure SINAD 99.9dB.


I use APx515 to transmit pure 1kHz sinewave to test AD7176-2 RX quality, and use the raw data which get from AD7176-2 to calculate THD+N via MATLAB FFT, I can only get SINAD 75dB.

The result is really confused me.


1. Because I can't find the FFT tool on AD717x Eval+ Software,

could you teach me how you get the FFT as above figure 6? 


2.  The attachment is raw data, might you use the tool to help me check it?



Thanks a lot.