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ADAU1761 single ended output vs POS-NEG

Question asked by PaulBKaraoke on May 14, 2018

I am reviewing my design that uses 3 ADAU1761 . I am using the line outputs as differential with P & N to an op-amp that gives a single ended output. Is there any advantage to this? I am thinking that I should just use single ended outputs and reduce the circuit by removing the op amp stage. At the end of my circuit I use a balanced line driver . If I were to use single ended and remove the 1st op-amp stage, Should I put a capacitor (10uf) in series to remove the avdd/2 bias? resistors in diagram are all 10k. Op-amps and line drivers are powered with +/- 15v. The differential output becomes doubled when combined through the op-amp. I can factor that in later in the circuit. Would results be same to bypass this first stage? Any advice is appreciated. 



output using differential and op-amp