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Problem with reading AD7124-4 data.

Question asked by on May 14, 2018
Latest reply on May 17, 2018 by JellenieR


I have interface AD7124-4 with STM32F051C8.

SPI configuration are as follows


Baudrate 3Mhz

Full duplex

Data size 8 bit

msb first

clock pol high

cpha 1st edge


Configuration of AD7124-4 register is as follows

                AINP_0 = AIN2
                AINM_0 = AIN3
                Enabled = TRUE
                PGA_0 = 32

               AIN_BUFP, AIN_BUFM both = ENABLED
                BIPOLAR = ENABLED
                FS_0 = 14 (1000 sps)
                FILTER_MODE_0 = SINC4
                MODE = Continuous Conversion
                POWER_MODE = FULL


Reference is 2.5 V external connected @ Refin+ & Refin-. (using LM336)

I have applied 75mv differential input across AIN2 & AIN3.

I am taking readings every 1ms.

Now my problem is that above system works perfectly alright for almost 140000 readings after power on.

But after that not only data register but all the on chip register data of AD7124-4 reads shifted 8 bit right.

So please guide me with possible reason & remedy for this issue.


Best Regards

Prashant Deshpande