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ADAU1761 DSP use on Zedboard

Question asked by Lexicontra on May 14, 2018
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I have zedboard with adau1761.

I would like to adjust DSP in the ADAU1761.

Now I have a sound, but I bypass DSP (as on the scheme). It is necessary for me to include DSP, and to load into it these Program RAM, Parametr RAM received by means of SigmaStudio. (I use SigmaStudio only for receiving parameters for the DSP control).

I work in the program Xilinx SDK environment and I do not know as to adjust DSP correctly.

Help me,please.I will be grateful for any help.

Can at you there is a working project or the checked code of function which writes down Program RAM, Parametr RAM for DSP registers (for Xilinx SDK).


Also I have a question. For the DSP control it is necessary to adjust the registers R57-R59, R61-R63 correctly? And all?