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SPI & outputs -- AD9272

Question asked by Ingeniero7 on Dec 16, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2012 by David.Buchanan

Hi, I am designing a circuit with AD9272 , at the moment I´m thinking about not use the Serial Port Interface ( SPI) but it makes that the circuit has less versatility, I´ve been looking the application note AN- 877 but there is only one solution, I would like to know if there are other ways to interface with SPI.

I have also problems with the outputs, what do you recommend me to connect them??.. because i have six signals, DOUTA +/-, FCO +/- , DCO ,+/- and i don´t know if i can measure them with a digital oscilosscope or if there are an optimal solution to keep the data.


Thank you.