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Single Enned input in HMC745

Question asked by DAYTRIPPER on May 13, 2018
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by salemdar

Dear Sir!

I want to use HMC745LC3 (14 Gbps, XOR / XNOR gate).

I just want to use this high speed gate for XOR operation.

In my application, both input data sources, A and B, are single-ended within 6~8Gbps range.

Though some basic questions, but i need your kind guidance for:

1) For single ended operation, should i connect differential inputs (AN, BN) and output (DN) to GND, or leave it floating?

 >  i founded the your last answer,

     you sad, when using hmc745 in single ended operation, you should connect a 50ohms to unused pins.

     is it done? how about connected the DC Block cap by reduce the Jitter?

  case1) only 50Ω serial Connected. (50Ω-GND)

  case2) Cap - 50Ω - GND


plz explain the circuit scemetic.

Kind Regards,