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ADF4350EB1Z (ADF4350 power down)

Question asked by LouijieC Employee on Dec 15, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2011 by LouijieC

Good day,


I am new to making use of evaluation boards so I apologize for any trivial questions that I would ask. I'm aware that one of the outputs needs to be terminated to a 50 ohm load if not used. However, since I still do not have the appropriate connectors I tried to leave both outputs hanging. When I ran the software, It displayed "USB OK" and I could see D5 turning on. However, whenever I try to update the registers or do any changes to the values within the software, D5 turns off.


Is this a direct consequence if I left the outputs hanging?


My set up is:

Supply coming ONLY from the USB

Internal REFin

RFoutA and RFoutB - No load

Windows XP

ADF4350 Evaluation Kit CD Ver 2.7