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AD2S1200 output to incremental encoder

Question asked by manny408 on May 11, 2018



I am using the AD2S1200 eval board, and I would like to convert a resolver signal to an incremental encoder signal (A, B, Dir). I am probing out the A and B pins from J3 with an oscilloscope, and, although they are square waves, they do not seem to act as encoders. For example, when there is no motion, I would expect the signal to go flat, it does not. When I move the shaft I am sensing, I would expect the frequency of the pulses to increase in a mildly proportional manner, it does not. Are there some configuration settings on the board that need to be set? Any help at all would be appreciated. 


For reference, I am using a four-wire resolver with a similar schematic to the one shown in the attached diagram.