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zcu102&DAQ2: fail to boot from sd

Question asked by James12345 on May 10, 2018
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by James12345

Hi there,


Below was our initial question of how to build device tree.

FMCDAQ2 device tree 


Now, we switched everything to 2017_r1 release, HDL, no-OS, linux. Using scripts of build kernal, image, as well as BOOT.BIN.


But, finally it failed to bood from sd card (SW setting on zcu102 [1:4]  is on off off off ).


As soon as switching on zcu102, on uart,  FSBL was present but then it hang. On zcu102 board, INIT_LED was red for a few seconds then turned to green.


Xilinx Zynq MP First Stage Boot Loader

Release 2017.2 May 10 2018 - 14:46:54


We are wondering if it has been seen before.