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AD-FMCADC2 EBZ Clock exchange

Question asked by mutual.jun on May 9, 2018
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I need help to change the sampling clock of FMCADC2 EBZ board.

The FMCADC2 has a Crystek CVCO33CX-2500(Fixed 2.5 GHz). I want to change this VCO to 2.0GSPS of the same size. So I found a Crystek CVCO33BE-1950-2400.

Is it possible to apply this chip without modifying PCB layout? Because it is different from pin map of schematics and data sheet. Need to check the gerber file?

And when I measured AVDD5 on the circuit (between C67 and R6), I checked 5.4421 V.(regulated by AD7104.)

So I did a voltage adjustment circuit like this.

R6: 10 K -> 1.05 K(ERJ-1GEF1051C, 0201)

R24: 10 K -> 4.02 K(ERJ-1GEF4021C, 0201)

-> VC is applied by 1.127 V via AVDD5, which is divided by R6 and R24


I need your help. Thank you.


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