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Reading ADF5355 register values after AutoCal

Question asked by shane91773 on May 9, 2018



Is it possible to read all the register values after AutoCal? I'm updating an existing driver that can write to the registers but currently does not have read register functionality.  From looking at the Evaluation Board Control Software, it allows writing to R0 to R12 but did not see anything for reading R0 to R12.


From reading the ADF5355 datasheet, it did not have any SPI timing diagrams or indicate if reading from registers is even available.  Furthermore, from reading AN-1353 Page 3, it has a section for VCO READBACK PROCEDURE but the registers and bits it was referring to (R10, DB[28:26]) were marked as Reserved in the datasheet so I'm not sure how to proceed.


Can someone please point me to the right direction?  Thanks in advance!