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Initial failed for LTC4266

Question asked by JERRYLIN on May 9, 2018
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by dreyesLT

Our customer to this initial program needed,but cannot be used PSE port.

Could you help me to check this.

Thank you!


format:"pse w register value"

pse w 0x1A 0x90
pse w 0x01 0xFF
pse w 0x12 0xAA
pse w 0x13 0x0F
pse w 0x17 0xC0
pse w 0x44 0x0F
pse w 0x47 0xD4
pse w 0x48 0x80
pse w 0x4C 0xD4
pse w 0x4D 0x80
pse w 0x51 0xD4
pse w 0x52 0x80
pse w 0x56 0xD4
pse w 0x57 0x80
pse w 0x46 0x01
pse w 0x18 0x11
pse w 0x4B 0x01
pse w 0x18 0x22
pse w 0x50 0x01
pse w 0x18 0x44
pse w 0x55 0x01
pse w 0x18 0x88
pse w 0x12 0xff