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How to become Hardware Design Expert in Complex SMD PCB design?

Question asked by sanket.kulkarni on May 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2018 by mthoren_adi

I am writing this question regarding suggestion to resources or blog or step by step execution to achieve the goal on how to design a complex SMD board for a particular application. I have developed few boards and as a person who has designed the board after so many days of effort when I get the fabricated board in my hands, get to know after powering it that there is some error in design or the board current requirements are not to the required level or isolation is left or other factors are missing, it gets too frustrating and the design time just goes on increasing.

       I am working as a Embedded Software Engineer with 2.5 Years of Experience. I have good interest in designing Hardware. So, How can I become a expert in Complex SMD PCB Designing? I would be really grateful in this regards for your Suggestion.