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Ethernet not enabled when using custom BOOT.BIN on ADRV9361

Question asked by beamer.ce1 on May 9, 2018
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I'm using a ADRV9361 PicoZed SDR module mounted on a Breakout Board (BOB) carrier board.  I have downloaded the 2017_r1 release of the linux image in the git repository and successfully used the files in the adrv9361-bob/ccbob-lvds folder (BOOT.BIN, devicetree.dtb and uImage) to boot Linaro Linux and using the IIO OScope Windows client to remotely connect to this board set.


I have also downloaded the 2017_r1 release of the HDL git repository and successfully used the system_project.tcl script in the hdl_2017_r1/projects/adrv9361z7035/ccbob_lvds folder to generate the reference design prloject for Vivado 2017.1 and then generate a system_top.bit file.  This .bit file was then used to configure the FPGA from the Linaro Linux command line using the cat <.bit file> > /dev/xdevcfg command and then remotely connect to the IIO Oscope via Ethernet.


I then take the .hdf file and use SDK to generate a However, if I generate a new BOOT.BIN file from an newly created FSBL.elf from SDK along with the original system_top.bit and u-boot.elf files, Linaro Linux boots but the Ethernet port is not functional.  But, if I replace the BOOT.BIN with the file that came with the original Linux Image 2017_r1 download, the Ethernet port is fully functional.


Is there anything special that needs to be taken into consideration when using SDK to generate the FSBL.elf file that will included in the BOOT.BIN file and used by Linux to boot the PicoZed SDR?  Is the FSBL source code available for the FSBL.elf file that is included with the ADRV9361z7035/ccbob_lvds reference design?


Any feedback would be appreciated.


- Brad