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Can FMComms3+Zedboard read QPSK data from Ettus N210

Question asked by sleony on May 8, 2018
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So I was able to get a loopback configuration working for a QPSK transmitter/modem I am working on. I am using the FMComms3 + Zedboard Zynq706 to take bytes and QPSK modulate the bits into complex data then transmit it out of the TX1A. It gets received by RX1A and then it performs the carrier recovery/qpsk demodulation. I checked the bit error rate and it is 0. The constellation is clean as well.

The next phase of my test is to see if it can successfully receive and decode QPSK data from a different SDR (so the clocks aren't synchronized). I only have one FMComms frontend+ Zedboard, so I decided to use an Ettus N210 to transmit the QPSK data. I verified and made sure that the N210 was indeed sending the correct data, but for some reason no matter what settings I change, I can't get a clean constellation for the RX. I was wondering if there are some extra setting or other factors to take into consideration when using a N210 to communicate with the FMComms 3 + Zedboard Zynq706. I am using host machines to control both SDR systems.


Thank you for your time!!