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Two mic fixed beamformer on ADAU1761

Question asked by DileepaM on May 9, 2018



I have been trying to use the ADAU1761 evaluation board for a beamforming application. Basically my requirement is to use a mic array to focus on the speech of a person speaking in front of a custom made kiosk while attenuating sound from the two sides. 

Since this will be mounted near a wall and for the design requirement, I have been trying to use broadside configuration with two mics.

So far I have had little luck in making it work. I have placed the mics(ICS40300), 21mm apart facing the person and simply sum the signals from the two mics configured as single ended from IN1 and IN2 of the evaluation board. Output  is taken from line out and fed in to the computer for recording the sound in realtime. I am expecting a reduction in amplitude when the sound source is kept in +90 or -90 but this does not seem to work.


I also tried to use the adaptive beamformer and it also gave me little luck. I would like to know if there are any specific configurations that I have to make and any test procedure that I should follow to verify the beamformer.