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Libiio Question trying to capture DAC output

Question asked by JAR on May 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by JAR

I would like to ask a question and if anybody can answer my question, I would very much appreciate.

I am using Z706 and AD9361. I have setup the SD card image on the server side and I have a client machine which is a Linux machine. I am using ad9361-iiostream file where I send my data using sin and cos function to DAC and try to get the output from DAC. If I send the random number which does not exceed 2047, do the left shift 4 bit and send the data to DAC. It creates a nice waveform file and the waveform can be seen on oscilloscope clearly.  Using random number I can get the output from DAC. However, when I send the sin and cos function, the output from DAC can not be captured or I get just 0 and one single value as output.

I have used iio_channel_read_raw function to capture the output else iio_channel_read function to capture the output from DAC. I want to capture the DAC output and then send the output to ADC and finally I want capture the ADC output to compare the digital data on both side.

Can any export or whoever is familiar with the subject libiio can answer my question. Thanks a lot.