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AD9625 SPI Reset Protocal

Question asked by QIE1.38*10^-23 on May 7, 2018

I read from register 0x06e in the AD9625 getting the value 10000111 as expected.

I then wrote the number 00000111 to the register 0x06e. The I latched 0x01 into register 0x0ff. This is to move the value from the ghost register into 0x06e. I read from 0x06e again to confirm that my change had taken place. I then went through the reset procedure described on page 71 of the AD9625 Data-sheet. I expected that this would reset the change I made to the register 0x06e. However when I read from that register I got the value 11111111. Does anyone know what is going on here?