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Question asked by Andyy on May 7, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by mark.ramos
Hi EZ,
I am trying to get some more in depth information on the limitations of the ADuCM350. 
This post is mostly directed towards Analog, but if anyone else can answer any of the questions below, that would be much appreciated too!
  1. What was the largest impedance you could measure accurately within ~ +/- 1% of the real impedance value?
  2. Could you (Analog) provide values for relevant variables in your firmware/hardware setup that allowed you to measure this max. impedance value?  (We have already modified R_CAL/R_TIA, set Vpp to 0.6V, modified the frequency accordingly, but want to know if there is more modification we can do to increase the max. impedance we can measure)
  3. What limited your ability to measure larger impedance with the system? 
    • Noise? If so, from which parts of the circuit? Could it be mitigated? 
    • Leakage currents? If so, from which parts of the AFE? Could it be reduced?
    • Other?
  4. At the cost of accuracy(?), how would you increase the bandwidth of the system? Limit the number of points in the DFT? We are trying to multiplex up to 32 sensors and want faster readings.


Please let me know if anything is unclear.