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Blackfin 531 SPORTx_STAT sticky bits

Question asked by M@shara on May 7, 2018
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I have successfully created and used interrupt handler.

There is one other handler created to determine which error is occured from SPORTx_STAT register.

For example if error is set for RUVF on SPORTx_STAT register, it will go to ISR handler and at last of ISR handler I am clearing SPORTx_STAT sticky bits by giving same value.

For example if SPORTx_STAT has value 0x0005, I am giving same value and I have tried these all ways

1) SPORTx_STAT = 0x0005

2) SPORTx_STAT |= 0x0005

3) SPORTx_STAT = 0x0005 & 0x0004

4) SPORTx_STAT |= 0x0005 & 0x0004

Another way I tried to clear bit using debugger by directly modifying register value.

But, there is no hope and I am unable to clear error which was generated by me only.

Only option is to re-flash and run SW again.

I am using Blackfin 531 with custom board.

Can anyone share some idea what may be I am missing.

Thanks in Advance.Jithul_Janardhanan