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Missing ILAS Data from the AD9625

Question asked by QIE1.38*10^-23 on May 5, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by AdrianC

I have written some software to control the ad-fmcadc3-ebz with a Xilinix Virtex 7. I am having trouble getting the ILAS data out of the device. I can see the K characters (k28.5) but when I drive the sync pins low, the output doesn't have the ILAS data in it. I tried doing a digital reset as described on page 73 of the AD9625 Data Sheet but this didn't seem to do anything. I am not using any per-written software or cores. I am executing the procedure described on page 39 of the AD9625 Data Sheet. I am using 8b10b decoding on the tx data thus I am able to see the K characters in the data. This data is then pumped into a fifo and then out through the usb via the uart protocol. I am not using any de-scrambling but this shouldn't effect the ILAS Data. I have disabled the internal scrambler via the spi protocol. I have attached an example output read from the board via the moserial program.