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AD5293 Not accepting wiper commands

Question asked by wbochar on Dec 14, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2013 by callisto

I am relatively new at using chips like this, so I apologize in advance


I have and Arduino UNO connected to a breadboard with a AD5293. The UNO has two power options 3.3V and 5V, which I am using the 3.3V to power the logic side of the AD5293 and the 5V is used to power an LED connected the potentiometer side of the AD5293. If future there is a 12V based appliance that has a 20K pot on it that I would like to replace, but for now and learning I am using the 5V line from the arduinio uno.


Now when I wire things up, I get the LED dimly lit. I assume this is the defaults of the AD5293 wiper setting.


I then fire off the following commands:


// set the slaveSelectPin as an output:

    pinMode (slaveSelectPin, OUTPUT);
    digitalWrite(slaveSelectPin, HIGH);

    // initialize SPI:

    digitalWrite(slaveSelectPin, LOW);
    digitalWrite(slaveSelectPin, HIGH);

    digitalWrite(slaveSelectPin, LOW);
    digitalWrite(slaveSelectPin, HIGH);


I've worked with other chips using SPI and everything is pretty straight forward. After going over and over through the code I assume I wired it incorrectly or made some hokey assumptions. I included my schematic, is there a better way to test this?