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How to communicate with another device through UART using the ADuCM4050?

Question asked by _saaloni on May 3, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by oldswdog

I am using the code in "UART loopback example" and by disabling the macro for internal loopback trying to communicate with another device( ESP8266 ,CH340 USB to UART converter) using the UART0 functionality. The connections made:-

E_UART0_TX (ADuCM4050) to RX (device)

E_UART0_RX (ADuCM4050) to TX (device)

 Grounds connected.

I can't seem to get data transferring as it should(checked with a logic analyser and there is no data detected from the ADuCM4050 TX). Any aid with using UART would be very helpful.

(attached the main code if required)