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What to do with not connected pins ?

Question asked by NilsMinor on May 3, 2018
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while trying to build a custom project based on the Zc706 project of fmcadc4 I have some problems by integrateing my own mig generated ip.


The carrier board manufacturer gave me a mig-file for the on-board PL DDR (I attached the axi mig file). I need to integrate this to my project ( I also made some modifications to the ZC706 project since I only need one ADC).

I changed the files in my common/myboard folder for building the project and adding the mig and ddr controller.


For some reasons I got this error:

ERROR: [BD 41-758] The following clock pins are not connected to a valid clock source:


As you can see in my mig file I have no sys_clk so how can I leave this unconnected or what is a propper way to solve my problem?


I also attatched my .log file to understand what I did.


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