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Kit choice and communication with processor

Question asked by Vane8648 on May 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by valerio

I would like to clarify some doubts regarding the automotive radar evaluation kits.

The idea is to develope an automatic braking system project, so the information of the radar would be used to activate the brakes in case of need.

Taking as an example the EVAL-DEMORAD, I am assuming that the kit is responsible of processing the data from the radar, so the radar evaluation kit and our processor just have to be properly communicated. Am I right?


For the above explanation, I would like to know what the differences between the different radar evaluation kits are, and the communication options, to decide which one would be the most appropriate for the project.

  • I need about 100 meters detection (if more doesn't matter).
  • I also would like to get the associated software to set up the radar and the communications parameters.