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ADXL362 self test fails

Question asked by Aarthi on May 3, 2018
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by jwang

During ADXL362 Power-up sequence, wait time of 10ms

i.e., ( 5ms  (typical time for power up to standby as stated in datasheet) + 5ms ( additional buffer time ) )

is provided for the sensor to power up properly, and then ADXL362 sensor initialization and self-test routines are implemented. In this scenario it is seen that few adxl362 sensors fails in self test routine.


But by changing this power up time to ~50-100ms, those sensors which were failing in self test started to pass now.


So I have two questions here:

1. What is the impact of increasing this power up time to read the acceleration samples during self-test?


2. Datasheet says 5ms is the typical power up time.

Can you please state what is the "maximum power up time" value, so that we don't see any samples failing in self test ?



P.S: Most of the sensors passed Self test with the power up value of 10 ms itself. Very few sensors behaved as stated above with respect to sensor power up time to standby.