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Using the gui on a 9371 on the zcu102 carrier card

Question asked by drewsdsu on May 2, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by DragosB

I am attempting to use a ad9371 on the zcu102 carrier card. When I power on the zcu102, the only display is a single solid cursor at the top left of the screen. I have the zcu102 connected to a display port monitor using the display port output. I am able to move to tty1 and use console commands.


I am using the device tree from the jesd204_ultrascale branch of the linux repository. As I am limited on my host resources, I am using an image from a recent forum post here AD9371 petalinux compilation for ZCU102 board. I am able to see 6 iio devices including the 9371-phy. If my image/device tree are done correctly should I expect to see a gui?


I am also not able to connect the zcu102 into a network and it looks like the startxfce4 log makes reference to trying to connect to github. Is it possible to bring up the gui without a network connection?