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HMCAD1520 how to turn on RSDS

Question asked by tomlea on May 2, 2018

The datasheet for the HMCAD1520 specifies "RSDS output data levels, unless otherwise specified" for a number of the electrical characteristic tables.

It also says in the LVDS Drive Strength Programmability section:

"The LVDS interface offers good robustness at the RSDS (Reduced Swing Differential Signaling), given a careful LVDS wire layout. Using the 1.5mA RSDS will reduce the power consumption significantly compared to default 3.5mA LVDS.


However, I can't find any information on how to enable this mode. Table 20 shows that 1.5mA (RSDS) corresponds to the code "101" in ilvds_*<2:0> but further down, the same code "101" corresponds to 6.5mA.


I have found that my design works with the strength set to 0.5mA for all three LVDS output types. But with the datasheet recommending the 1.5mA RSDS for low power consumption, I also want to see if it works under those conditions.