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[ADUA1701] Auxillary ADC input and tolerance analyzer. How to use?

Question asked by Audiodude on May 2, 2018
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At this time i'm in the learning curve about the ADUA1701 DSP chip. One of the things that i'll try to understand how the tolerant analyzer works when connected to one of the auxillary ADC inputs. I connected a 10K potentiometer to the ADC0 pin. Checking with the DSP readout block shows different values when turning the potentiometer, so i assume that this one works. In this testing stage, i would like to turn on 3 different LED's (connected to 3 seperate GPIO outputs, with resistor offcourse) independently by rotating the potentiometer. In a later state the leds are been replaced for real functions, the leds are only for testing purposes for now.


When connecting the 28.0 switch to the tolerance analyzer, and checking the output of it with the DSP readout block, it works (switch off => output zero, switch on => output 1). Now i'm trying to do the same with the auxillary with connected potentiometer. But it's look like another format.


Can anybody help me out to make this setup work? Maybe with a screenshot from sigmastudio with a working flow? Hope anybody can help me so i can further with my DSP project! Thanx a lot!