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I am looking for an op amp that can buffer a 50Vpk pulse with 10ns or less rise and fall times. What amps would you recommend I use?

Question asked by spang on May 1, 2018

I am designing a breakout box for RADAR pulse software development. My customer wants to see what effect changes they make to their software has on the signals in a device they have designed. They want to drive up to 4 separate inputs while monitoring up to 4 separate outputs during these tests. I have a pulse generator that can provide the pulses but it cannot drive more than one input. So I'm looking for a buffer that can handle these signals.

The basic input is a 50V peak pulse with 2ns rise and fall times, a pulse width of 100ns to 100us, with a repetition rate up to 10MHz.

I have designed a RADAR pulse digitizer so the output thing I can handle, and I've done many single source to multiple input designs as well but only in the audio range. Here, the generator wants to see 50 ohms with only a 2 ohm range but the box my customer is using has either a 100 ohm or a 2000 ohm input impedance over a wide variety of input levels (40V down to 3V). I have designed a series of attenuators to accommodate the levels but I need a buffer to provide the power to drive 4 inputs (be they 100 ohms or 2000 ohms or a mix of the two).

Which op amps would you recommend I use?

Thank you for your help.