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BF70x JTAG connections

Question asked by ChipBrown on Apr 30, 2018
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by ChipBrown

In looking at the BF706 Mini eval board, it appears that the JTAG connections are not made at all.  Instead it apparently uses USB for debugging. That is not an option for our current design. 


My current question is about how an emulator such as ICE1000 should be connected.  Specifically, what should I do with EMU on my custom board?  I have done designs with 53x, 562, 52x, 54x, 51x, & 592, and this is the first Blackfin I have run across which does not have an EMU signal pin.  Is it not needed at all in order to work with ICE1000/2000?  Do you have any reference designs for the 70x family that can connect to an emulator?