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AD9364 Linux OS Driver vs No-OS Driver

Question asked by siddh4nt on May 1, 2018
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by DragosB

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I have one query running in my mind so please address my curiosity. I need to design software application for my project. My design includes MPSoC Ultrascale+ from Xilinx and AD9364. Next  I have to make choice between APU and RPU processor core, which unit I should select for Radio configuration function? I have this information that AD provides both Linux Drivers as well as No OS Drivers. Now my doubt is which driver will give better performance whether it is Linux Driver or No OS Driver. Please could you guys highlight some benefits and downside of these two types of drivers. It would be helpful for me to make choice and design my software architecture. The over all system is mission critical so some technocrats believe that it is better to run Radio Configuration in RPU (Real-Time Processing Unit) so my question is No-Os drivers will run on RPU? And in case If I want to access this No-OS driver(Running on RPU) through Linux (Running on APU), does it look feasible idea? Please share some best practices and your comments on this approach.





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